In March, we introduced a new series on Facebook! We are now sharing some helpful daily living tips for our blind and visually impaired clients and Facebook friends each week. We hope this will also give our sighted followers a look at how our clients navigate daily life. Below is a summary of the tips that were shared as well as a bonus tip on how to measure laundry detergent!

Measuring Laundry Detergent

Many detergent companies are now offering detergent pods – a premeasured packet of detergent that adds just the right amount to any load. Most detergents give directions on how many to use based on the size of the load. If you prefer to use liquid detergent, hold the cap over the machine before pouring. Then if any spills you won’t have a mess to clean up. Notch the measuring cup to where you will regularly fill. Then, put your thumb on the notch and fill until you feel the liquid. In addition, there are liquid level indicators you can purchase that will beep when the cap is full.

Washer & Dryer Settings

Whenever you have a new washer and dryer, it is recommended to place tactile marks on the settings you use the most. This can be done with bump dots, different kinds of tape or puff paints. You can vary the size, shape or texture of the marks to differentiate between settings such as hot, cold, delicate, regular, etc. Depending on your level of vision, you may need someone sighted to initially help you place the tactile marks. Once they are there, you’ll be able to navigate the laundry alone.

Sorting Laundry

A laundry sorter, or a hamper with multiple sections, is a great way to keep your darks, whites and towels separate. Or, you can identify different places to keep your laundry based on the colors. For example, whites go in the corner laundry basket, darks in the bathroom basket, etc. Some people will sew braille tags into each clothing item. Whatever your sorting method, we always recommend adding a Shout Color Catcher in each load, just in case you accidentally mix in the wrong color when you sort.

Sock Trick!

One of the biggest hassles of doing laundry, not just for someone who is blind or visually impaired, is socks! How many times does a sock magically disappear? Our ABVI program instructors recommend safety pinning matching socks as soon as you buy them so they always stay matched. After you wear a pair, safety pin them back together and you can put them in the washer and dryer that way. You can also buy different sizes of safety pins to indicate light or dark socks.


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