Dorothy Wenberg Donor of the Year


The 2019 Donor of the Year is Colonel Bernhard Karl Jantzen!

Karl is the only living person we have named a Lifetime Giving Society for as he truly embodies what it means to be a lifetime donor to ABVI. Karl has given generously in ways that have served our immediate needs and have helped secure our future. Karl has been involved with our organization for decades, and aside from his incredibly generous financial gifts, has served our organization as a member of our Board and an avid advocate for us. He continues to open doors for ABVI through his generosity. Karl truly ticks every box of what we hope an ABVI donor can be and was the clear choice for our first Dorothy Wenberg Donor of the Year award in 2019.

The Donor of the Year award goes to a donor who has made a transformational impact on the organization through their gifts.

The award is named for Dorothy Wenberg, a donor who bequeathed $6,000,000 to ABVI in 2003. The endowment Ms. Wenberg left secured the future for the Association and continues to provide opportunities for growth for ABVI today. Because her gift came as a surprise, we were unable to honor Mrs. Wenberg during her lifetime but honor the impact she made on our organization through this award. The Dororthy Wenberg Donor of the Year is nominated by our board’s Development Committee and voted on by our Board of Directors.

To learn more about this award, contact Bryson Young at or (843) 203-6037.

Photo Description: Award recipient Colonel Bernhard Karl Jantzen stands between ABVI CEO Courtney P. Plotner and ABVI Board President Clay W. Hershey during the first Lifetime Visionary Circle Induction Ceremony.