Eye Give Giving Circle

When you give monthly to our organization, you make a greater impact. Your monthly gifts help sustain our mission. Your generosity through recurring giving enriches the quality of life for those in our community whose lives are impacted by blindness or visual impairments. With a gift of just $25 per month, you become a valued member of our Eye Give Giving Circle and support the sustainability of ABVI.

Why Give Monthly?

The reason someone gives is personal. Each donation has a story behind it, usually of their own vision loss or a loved one. What is also behind each donation is hope and a new start. Learning how to live someone’s most fulfilling life, while dealing with vision impairment, requires support and tools from a special community – that’s where the Eye Give Giving Circle steps in. So, will you step up, to proudly say, “Eye Give?”

Donations made through our Eye Give Giving Circle help the members of our community live, learn, and earn. Through generous donations, ABVI is able to help people learn how to live again, earn respect and fulfillment, and learn life skills and education to be contributing members of society.

And don’t forget the benefit of saving time and waste by eliminating forms, stamps, writing checks and mailing in donations. Monthly giving through our online form is convenient and easy to complete.

Join our Eye Give Giving Circle today!

Eye Give Giving Levels

Every member of the Eye Give Giving Circle will receive:

  • Access to networking events – in person and virtually, when offered 
  • Special Giving Circle quarterly newsletter 
  • Member of private Facebook “Giving Circle” group
Eye Give Friends - $15/month

Giving Circle benefits plus:

  • Promotional item with Eye Give logo
Eye Give Supporters - $25/month

Giving Circle benefits plus:

  • Sunglasses/glasses case
Eye Give Advocates - $50/month

Giving Circle benefits plus:

  • Local gift basket
  • Website recognition
Eye Give Illuminators - $100/month

Giving Circle benefits plus:

  • Regular Eye Give Group meetings to actively help with organizational needs
  • (2) Noir Gala tickets 
  • Website recognition

Recurring Gift Form