Virtual Training

As our offices are currently closed to the public for in-person trainings, ABVI has officially launched virtual training. Most training will be completed over the phone in 1-hour blocks. ABVI instructors will conduct an initial assessment with each client to determine their goals. The training will be tailored to each individual and the accessibility tools they have.

Below is a list of available virtual training opportunities:

  • Activities of Daily Living teaches adaptive, independent living skills. ABVI is offering training and supportive techniques for health management, personal self-care, medication management, home and kitchen safety, household organization and more.
  • Assistive Technology tutoring provides training for low-vision aids and other devices such as iPads, iPhones and video magnifiers.
  • Braille is a tactile system of reading and writing for the blind. Braille instruction materials will be mailed to clients weekly. The instructor will have a 1:1 call with each client to go over the lesson.
  • Client Connections brings clients together to learn from, share with and support one another. Through our virtual program, ABVI is currently offering book club, interactive cooking and group therapy sessions through Zoom and/or conference calls.
  • Computer training is available for adaptive software such as JAWS (screen reader) and ZoomText (screen magnifier), Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and typing. Instructors are providing weekly quizzes to evaluate each client’s progress. The client must have access to a computer at home
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring allows a new client to connect with an existing client who has experienced similar challenges while learning to live with a visual impairment. All mentoring will take place over the phone.

These virtual opportunities are available to any adult in the Tri-County who is blind or visually impaired. The only requirement is to become a client of ABVI. To download a client application or view the current calendar,

Photo Description: An ABVI client participates in computer training.