Annual Visionary Class

A donor is inducted into a Visionary class when he/she makes his/her first commitment to ABVI of $5,000 or more through cash, pledge or a planned gift. Visionary donors are an integral part of the fabric of our organization and are stewarded accordingly. If you are interested in learning more about ABVI’s Visionary initiative, please contact Bryson Young at or (843) 203-6037.

In the charter year of our major gift initiative, Visionary, a special group of donors made transformational gifts to ABVI. These donors recognized the critical need for our services for the 15,000-20,000 blind and visually impaired adults in the Tri-County and responded by donating $5,000 or more in FY19.

Thanks to our Visionary Class of 2019, we were able to begin offering classes at two satellite locations in Summerville, bringing services closer to our Berkeley and Dorchester clients. In addition, their support paved the way for ABVI to realize plans of opening a second, permanent location in Ladson. These donors changed the course of our organization. Thanks to their generosity, we are working toward closing the gap in services for our blind and visually impaired neighbors, and together, we are enabling our clients to live, learn and earn with vision loss.


Thank you to our Visionary Class of 2019!

Dr. and Mrs. Virgil D. Alfaro III

Mr. and Mrs. Julius J. Anderson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Burris III (in memory Margie M. Cogswell)

Mr. and Mrs. Barre M. Butler (in memory of Herbert J. Butler, Sr.)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clement III

Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Cotton

Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Grimball

Mr. and Mrs. Fleetwood S. Hassell (in memory of Caroline S. Hassell)

Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Hazelton

Mr. and Mrs. Clay W. Hershey

Mr. and Mrs. J. Hagood Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. Rodolph D. Moseley, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Granger C. Osborne

Mrs. and Mrs. Whitemarsh S. Smith III

Mr. and Mrs. W. Charles Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Williams, Jr.

Mr. Michael Zervos


Photo Description: Barre Butler and Bob Baldwin (ABVI Board Vice President) are both members of the 2019 Annual Visionary Class. They are pictured here at the inaugural Visionary Appreciation Dinner.